Library Director

Duties and responsibilities

Board Related:

  • Considered the executive office of the board.
  • Responsible for the operation of the library under the financial conditions set forth in the annual budget.
  • Draw up the agenda in consultation with the president.
  • Issue notices of all regular meetings, and on authorization of the president, of all special meetings.
  • Act as technical advisor to the board; recommend needed policies for board action.
  • Carry out policies of the library as adopted by the board.
  • Report regularly to the library board.

Library Related:

  • Has sole charge of the administration of the library.
  • Responsible for the care of the building and the equipment.
  • Accountable for the efficiency of the library’s service to the public.
  • Responsible for the hiring and the dismissal of all personnel with prior board approval.
  • Has full charge of the staff.
  • Suggests and carries out plans extending the library’s services.
  • Prepares regular reports embodying the library’s current progress and future needs.
  • Maintains an active program of public relations.
  • Knows local and state laws; actively supports library legislation in the state and the nation.
  • Supervises the selecting and the ordering of all books and other library materials.
  • Affiliates with the state and national professional organizations.
  • Attends professional meeting and workshops.
  • Makes use of the services and suggestions of the regional librarian and the Department of Libraries and Archives.
  • Encourages support staff to attend workshops and conference.


Employment of Staff

  • The library board is responsible for hiring, supervision, and dismissal of the library director.
  • The library director is responsible for hiring, supervision, and dismissal of the library staff.
  • Full time positions requiring new hires will be posted internally for five days. Placement will be based on library need and qualifications of the applicant. 1/11
  • External recruiting becomes available only after the internal process is not feasible. To acquire a group of qualified applicants outside of the local library setting, positions may be posted in the library and may be advertised in the local newspaper. Professional positions may be posted in the library, advertised in the newspaper and posted on various websites as needed.
  • Resumes are accepted any time from prospective employees. An application provided by the library may be completed when a position is available.
  • The director will screen the applications and or resumes. The director, with assistance from a board member or representation from staff (4/12), will interview and assess the applicants chosen from the group received. Before making an offer to the final applicant, references will be checked. The job offer will be made contingent upon the completion of a criminal background check on applicants age 18 or over.
  • Applicants who were interviewed but not recommended for the position are notified by mail.