Library Use

  • The library will serve all residents of Harrison County. Service will not be denied or reduced because of religious, racial, social, economic, or political status. Persons residing outside the geographical area but owning property or attending an educational institution, or working in the area shall be considered residents.
  • Anyone who is a resident in one of the counties in the Northern Kentucky Region or Nicholas, Bourbon and Scott Counties may be issued a card. They do not have to have a card in their home county. They must have the current proper identification.
  • Any resident of Kentucky who has a valid library card in their home county may be issued a Cynthiana-Harrison County Public Library card with the current proper identification.
  • The use of the library or its services may be limited due to excessive demands of groups or of individuals that will restrict service to the general public.
  • The use of the library or its services may be denied for due cause. Such cause may be the failure to return books or pay penalties, destruction of library property, disturbing other patrons, inappropriate conduct on library premises, or activities that can be interpreted as illegal.

Registration of Borrowers

  • Borrowers over the age of 17 must have appropriate identification, a picture ID with the current address showing the county of residence.
  • Lost library cards must be reported to the library by the patron. Replacement cost is $1.00 if the card is less than one year old. Older replacement cards are free.
  • Library cards can only be used by the patron named on the card. Spouses or other family members must use only the card on which their own name is listed.
  • Borrowers under the age of eighteen must have an application completed and signed by a parent/guardian. The application will be kept in the library until the child is eighteen years of age. (5/18/2011)
  • All borrowers under the age of eighteen must have a parent/guardian signature before checking out movies.
  • Library cards must be presented at the desk when checking out books. (5/18/2011)
  • Potential borrowers who will be living in the area for a short period of time will be able to get a temporary library card. Borrowers needing a temporary card must have a current picture ID, proof of current address, the address where they will be staying, and the reason for acquiring a temporary card. An application will be completed, and a card will be issued. The card will expire at the end of six months but can be extended. (5/18/2011)

Gifts and Memorials

  • The policy of the library is not to accept special collections of books that will be kept together as a separate physical entity.
  • Gift collections may be integrated into the general collection.
  • The library shall assume complete authority over disposition of any gift and reserves the right to distribute gifts wherever the need is greatest or to dispose of them appropriately if they are not acceptable in library terms.
  • Memorials are welcomed and encouraged by the library.
  • If the library receives a cash gift for the purchase of a memorial book, the selection is made by either the donor or the library and will be designated with a bookplate placed inside the book.
  • A written acknowledgment is sent to both the donor and the honoree for any gift that is given to the library.


  • Returning borrowed materials on time is the responsibility of the patron. Overdue materials will be subject to fines as follows:
    • Books/Audio Books 5 cents per day per item
    • Overnight Books 25 cents per day per item
    • Interlibrary Loan 50 cents per day per item
    • DVDs $1.00 per day per item
    • DVD Plastic Case $1.00 per item
    • DVD Plastic Sleeve 50 cents per item
    • Computer Software 25 cents per day per item
    • Equipment $1.00 per day per item
    • CD Music 5 cents per day per item
  • Six times a year the library will exchange fines for other items, to be used in the community, as follows:
    • January - Food
    • March – Baby Supplies
    • May – Pet Food
    • July – School Supplies
    • September – Food
    • November – Toys
  • Patrons with overdue materials or a fine larger than $1.00 will not be allowed to check out materials or use the computers until the fine is paid and the materials are returned.
  • Patrons are responsible for replacing material that is returned damaged, material that has been subject to an abnormal amount of wear and tear.
  • No fine will exceed the cost of the material.
  • Any fine that is $25 or more and has been on a patron’s account for sixty days will be turned over to a library collection agency.


  • Books, audio books, periodicals, music CDs, and kits can be checked out for a period of two weeks, and allowed one renewal of two weeks.
  • Reference works must remain in the library during library hours, but may be loaned overnight at the discretion of the staff. All reference material must be returned before closing time the next day.
  • Computer software can be checked out for a period of one week and allowed one renewal of one week.
  • DVDs can be checked out for a period of three days without renewal. Anyone under the age of eighteen is allowed to check out DVDs only if they have a parent/guardian signature on their application giving them permission.
  • A patron may check out a total of ten items, any combination of items, but the combination can only include two DVDs.
  • A patron may place two items on the reserve list. When the item is returned to the library, the patron will be called. The item is placed on the reserve shelf for three days. If the item has not been picked up at the time, it will be returned to the shelf.