Varied Information

Photo Release

  • The library will seek permission before using a photo of any library patron.
  • The patron will complete the Photo Release Form. This form will be kept on file for future reference.

Accidents/Health Emergencies

  • Call 911 immediately in the event of any serious problem. No medication should be dispensed to an individual.
  • Staff must exercise caution when administering first aid, because of the safety of the injured person and potential liability of the staff member.
  • Without specialized training, staff should not undertake more than keeping the sick or injured person comfortable and protected from needless disturbances until medical help arrives.
  • The staff will use their best judgment to do what is reasonable
  • First Aid/Defib training will be completed by the majority of the staff.
  • An Incident Report should be completed as soon as possible and pictures taken in the event of a fall by the patron.


  • The library staff follows copyright law.
  • The copyright notice is posted beside the copier.

Equipment Control

  • The function of the Equipment Control Policy of the Cynthiana-Harrison County Public Library is to accurately identify and label all equipment, store in a locked location, maintain an accurate record and ensure proper accountability.
    • Upon receiving any and all equipment, the make, model, and serial number will be recorded. All equipment will be assigned an identification number.
    • Equipment such as printers, copiers, etc. will be used in necessary locations in the library and not stored in a locked location.
    • Equipment such as laptops, projectors, etc. will be stored in the room behind the circulation desk. The room will be locked at all times when the library is closed. During hours of operation, the room will be unlocked for easy access by the staff.
    • If the equipment is used in the community room, the storage room that is locked can be used for any materials used in programming.
    • A record of use (sign-out, sign-in) must be signed by all staff as they use the equipment.
    • Equipment that is available for check out by the public will be checked-out and checked-in by the staff at the front desk. Time limits will be set on this equipment.
    • Inventory will be done once a year to ensure that no equipment has been lost or misplaced.