Open Records and Weapons Policies

Open Records Requests and Records Retention

  • The Cynthiana Harrison County Public Library is a public agency. Access to library public records is governed by KRS 61.870 to 61.884. In accordance with the Open Records Act, any person may inspect and copy the open records of the library during library administration business hours.
  • The Library Director acts as Custodian for all Open Records Requests. Requests must be in writing and must contain the requestor’s name, a description of the documents that are being requested, and the requestor’s signature. The Request for Record form is available in the library. A written request may be faxed, mailed or delivered in person to the library.
  • The Official Custodian will contact the individual making a written request within three non-holiday business days of receipt of the request to set up an appointment for reviewing records or to deny the request.
  • Requests creating an unreasonable burden may be denied. Requests that the library believes are intended to disrupt its essential functions may also be denied. In these cases, evidence will be provided to the requestor of the basis of the belief. Denials will be made in writing.
  • Records may be reviewed at the library during the hours of administration. An individual may copy records, but may not remove documents or add documents to those provided for review. A fee of 10 cents per page will be charged to all persons desiring to make copies of records and must be paid at the time the copies are made.
  • Most records maintained by the library are open to the public. Under KRS 61.878 certain records are exempted from inspection. Every effort will be made to make all non-exempt records available. As opinioned by the Attorney General, library patron registration records, circulation records, program participation records, and computer usage are all exempt from the Open Records laws.
  • The library will maintain and retain records in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Such practices will include the permanent retention of: annual budgets, auditor reports, blueprints, board meeting minutes and agendas, financial records (not including invoices), library policies, official correspondence, and payroll records. Other records not specifically noted or required by applicable laws may be retained or discarded according to applicable timetables. (5/18/2011)


The library prohibits the possession, sale or use of a weapon by any person who does not have a legal permit to carry said weapon while on library property and/or while conducting library business. (6/15/2011)

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