About Us





Director                                                              Kinzie Gaunce

Technical Services Coordinator                               Starla

Adult Programmer/Library Assistant                   Tracye

Youth Services Librarian                                            Molly

Public Relations Specialist                                        Miriah

Administrative Assistant/Circulation                   Debbie

Circulation Clerk                                                           Lisa

Circulation Clerk                                                           Mary

Bookmobile Coordinator                                           Ada

Geneologist and Circulation Clerks                       Jennifer and Fran


General Information Email

Email the library for answers to general questions at [email protected].

Board Members

Meghan Boland, President
Jeff Kinney, Vice President
Kurt Burgan, Treasurer
Deborah Midden, Secretary
Mary Todd Ashbrook, Member

Mission Statement

Engaging our community, providing access to information, inspiring life-long learning.