Kids Services

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Research Rocket

Research Rocket

  • Teaches kids how to do research
  • Search for information icon – click on each item, and learn what it is and how to use it
  • Web icon – learn what the internet is and how to use it for research
  • Notes – learn different methods for taking notes
  • Use Info – provides steps to follow for using the information from your notes
  • Report – shows different ways to share your information, such as reports, poems, brochures, plays, games, songs, etc.

ABC Mouse

  • Early Learning Academy is a subscription-based digital education program for children ages 2–8, created by Age of Learning, Inc.
  • Subscribers can access learning activities on the website or mobile app.

Tumble Book Library

Tumble Books

  • Offers books, games, puzzles, and videos in both English and Spanish
  • Language Learning – Spanish and French
  • Videos that read books and quizzes
  • Regular books and Math books available


Britannica School

Britannica School Elementary

  • Articles for 6 different categories
  • List of keywords with their definitions, articles, and photos, plus related icons to click on.
  • Print, email, cite the article, increase or decrease the font, translate with a different language, or share it to Google classroom.


Funk and Wagnalls

Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia (same information for Middle School )

Basic search

  • Click on search results to access a full text article. It includes the source, publication information, document type, and word count.
  • Choice of language and voice accent
  • Within the text, you can click on keywords for additional information.

Advanced search

  • 3 different fields to choose from
  • Search modes and expanders.
  • Search history is saved, so you can return to previous articles

World News

  • List of local sources and major U.S. sources to click on for information
  • Formats, topics, services, insights, search options
  • Content from the year 2017 and up



Explora (same for Elementary, Middle and High School with different topics)

  • Variety of topics to research with full text articles that also cite their sources
  • Choice of languages

Britannica eBooks (same for Elementary, Middle and High with different books depending on grade levels)

  • Search specific titles or scroll down to select a book
  • List of device it will work on, book description, age, reading level, # of pages, language choice.
  • If it’s part of a series, it will link you top the series and show a list of those
  • Read online or offline.



Britannica FundamentalsBritannica Fundamentals

  • Read – audiobooks
  • Explore – choose subject
  • Play – Math, Language Arts
  • Create – draw or paint



NoveList (same for Elementary, Middle and High with different books depending on grade levels)

  • Choose from age groups, topics, genres, basic and advanced search
  • Click on a title to view a description of the book.



School Center

School Center (same for Elementary, Middle and High with information based on the grade level)

  • Practice sessions
  • Practice tests, tutorials, eBooks, and articles
  • Middle School offers High School entrance exams preparation



eBooks Search[email protected]&vid=1&tid=2003EB

eBook Collections

  • K-8 collection
  • High School Collection
  • Change languages
  • Choose databases
  • Select a field, publication dates, author, title, publisher, ISBN